Following a 30-year career in human resources and management, Singapore-based S. Chandhran became interested in numerology as a hobby. Perhaps

it was the numbers that beckoned him back in 2005. He began extensive investigations into studies of the field, researching the works of leading numerologists from both East and West, past and present. He soon realised this metaphysical discipline was to be his new calling.


 With the help of the internet, the 77-year-old Chandhran soon became

adept in this ancient subject, hobby turning into a committed vocation. His numerology readings became sought after in his native Singapore, as well

as Malaysia, India and recently Switzerland. He has become known for his readings’ accuracy and depth as well as his own intuition, patience and concern for his clients’ interests.


 In June 2009, a reading with a Swiss client led to a work trip to Zurich. There

he conducted readings as well as collaborated with a regressive therapy expert to assist people experiencing anxiety, nervous strain, stress and depression. Since then, he has read for people of all ages and from all walks

of life, including children, in a range of countries new to him. These include Thailand, the Middle East, Australia, the USA, and the UK.


In 2008, he set up a resource centre in Singapore for Numerology, Palmistry, and other books relating to the occult, spirituality, life, and philosophy. Seeking to bring together these interconnected disciplines, Chandhran collected resources his clients could refer to and read.


Readings for individuals and businesses are now his main focus. The scope

of these readings spans topics like marriage stability, compatibility of partners for marriage, business and career aspects.


In 2009, he developed a personal software program for his detailed work, working with a professional computer program developed by a prominent numerologist in the US. Both facilitate accurate computational and analytical work in numerology.


His goal is to unlock the mystery of the numbers that govern an individual’s life, so people will learn and make the most of the opportunities presented

to them.


Trying to also help those unable to afford readings, he will read for them on

a token, “Thechanna” basis. For Chandhran numerology is a vocation – he feels it is not right to treat primarily as a way to earn money. His Full Reading document for each person comprises 12 pages, including Birth Charts and detailed explanations and trends up right up to the age of 90.


In 2010, he registered a legal entity, ‘Numerology Wonders’, also in Singapore. In association with this new legal body, he created a well-structured,

easy-to-understand-and-apply course titled “Discover Your Inner Self with Numerology”. Using a PowerPoint presentation, the first course was conducted for a small group at his home on 28 November 2010, followed by another in December, 2010.


Several courses were then held in 2012 in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. In March 2013, S. Chandhran joined forces with a well-known Yoga master in Kuala Lumpur and conducted his course as a full-day session alongside the yoga teaching. He also advises on the nurturing, growth and development

of children, so that they fulfil their ultimate potential. With all the experiences and material gained from his work over the past decade, he is preparing a book on numerology, scheduled for release in the near future.







Mr. Chandhran is the most inspirational person that I met in my life, who recognized my weakness and transform them to strengths. Without Mr. Chandhran I would not be the natural person that I am and I try to be. He made me realize the person I could be, and taught me how to think positively;

and to believe that 'there is a beautiful soul in me.'”

—Ayanna Maria Catania, United Kingdom.


"I have known Mr. Chandhran for five years. His readings

are very accurate, and they have helped me to build my confidence. Whenever I am going through a difficult time,

he has guided me on to the right path,  and I feel very blessed." —Nisha Vadehra, United States.


“Since a chance encounter with dear Mr. Chandhran, (which happened as we flew over the Indian Ocean, of all places),

he has been a true source of indefatigable inspiration. Mr. Chandhran has surprised me, time and again, with his interpretive intuition. When combined with skill, knowledge and meticulous analysis, he always produces professional and thorough readings, relaying the information in a totally comprehensible way.”Maria Imelda Leung,

New Zealand.


"Mr Chandhran is more than a numerologist. He is compassionate and detailed. His readings are unusual

—they are inspiring." —Sreekumar Kumar, Singapore